Crashing And Burning: A $15,000 Open Source Airplane

July 31, 2013


This is a rendering of the Maker Plane, an open source airplane designed for anybody to build on their own for around $15,000. It's the perfect weekend project for the aspiring drug trafficker like myself. SHIT, BOGEY AT SIX O'CLOCK! DUMP THE BONER PILLS, I REPEAT, DUMP THE BONER PILLS.

There's an open source airplane being developed in Canada, and now its designers are looking to double down on the digital trends, turning to crowdsourced funding to finish the project. The goal of Maker Plane is to develop a small, two-seat airplane that qualifies as a light sport aircraft and is affordable, safe, and easy to fly. But unlike other home-built aircraft, where companies or individuals charge for their plans or kits, Maker Plane will give its design away for free.

Great, so when everybody has their own plane how are we supposed to separate the really rich people from the folks who just built a $15,000 airplane in their garage. I'll tell you how: yots. "You dummy, you mean yachts?" Oh sure, make fun of the guy who can't afford spell-check.

Hit the jump for a video about the plane.

Thanks to Jaucet, who agrees we need to bury all power lines underground before personal planes and jetpacks become more common.

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