Craft Time!: A Do-It-Yourself Dinosaur Toy Serving Tray

July 8, 2013


Come on now -- how you gonna make your own serving dish and then serve OREOS?

You know what my last party was missing? Anybody having a good time. There also weren't any dinosaur serving trays. Coincidence? Absolutely -- despite what Martha Stewart might have you believe, serving trays don't make the party. Still, enter Three Little Monkey Studio's do-it-yourself dinosaur serving tray instructions. Basically they involve cutting the head off a toy dinosaur, jamming some rocks in the bottom to add weight and stability, gluing a plate on, then gluing the head back on. It's basic arts and crafts! Of course if you couldn't figure that out on your own, now might be a good time to rummage through that box of papers your mom saved from when you were a kid and see if there really is a kindergarten diploma in there.

Thanks to cupcake and PYY, who agree no party is complete without somebody claiming the cookies you brought gave them food poisoning.

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