BADASS: The Iron Throne George RR Martin Imagined

July 10, 2013


Painted by artist Marc Simonetti, this is the Iron Throne that George RR Martin says best fits the Iron Throne he envisioned himself while writing the 'A Song of Fire and Ice' series. As you can see, IT'S F***ING GNARLY. \m/

This Iron Throne is massive. Ugly. Assymetric. It's a throne made by blacksmiths hammering together half-melted, broken, twisted swords, wrenched from the hands of dead men or yielded up by defeated foes... a symbol of conquest... it has the steps I describe, and the height. From on top, the king dominates the throne room. And there are thousands of swords in it, not just a few. This Iron Throne is scary. And not at all a comfortable seat, just as Aegon intended.

Man, HBO should have made it. Or at least CGI'd it. Because their twinky little Iron Throne is lame compared to this one. I want to see an Iron Throne that can easily impale the king if he trips coming up or down the stairs. HBO's barely even has any swords! I could gather more enemy swords opening weekend of the local Renaissance Faire.

Hit the jump for a shot of the throne from further away, and a shot of HBO's for sad comparison.



Thanks to Collin, IOTA and Superbam, who agree somebody better build a Song of Fire and Ice museum and have a replica of this f***er in it.

  • OrehRatiug

    I have neither read nor watched the series, but that image certainly makes me want to check out the books only.

  • cabbo

    I watched series one before reading the books. I felt disappointed after reading the description of the throne because it was so awesome and the tv throne is so meh. Note how the pommels, the blades, everything is the same colour. Wheh.

  • cabbo

    Especially considering the attention to detail that goes in to the rest of the stuff - I saw the exhibition, with Jaime's Kingsguard armor and Longclaw and all that good stuff. BTW, Emelia Clarke (Dany) is a miniature person. Like, knee height. Tyrion could lift her up, put a big coat over them both, they'd still only get to about chin-height.

  • ODwanKenObi

    There can be only one...miniature person.

  • Kelsey Custodio

    Emelia Clarke is 5 foot 2 inches.

  • cabbo

    Must be a tight fit then.

  • spitzle

    i'm not sure how ads work, but for a few days now, there's some retarded music playing whenever i check out your website. if you can, please make it stop. i can't enjoy reading your pieces of wisdom with that crap banging in my earphones. not to mention the fact that i like opening 3-4-5 geekologie tabs at once.
    sincerely, one of your biggest fans. ';..;'

  • Crucial

    This site only runs Google ads.

    Google ads never have music playing, and if it did, it would certainly require you to enable it first.

    The only thing I can think of is you installed some virus (could even be an extension) that plants Ads in websites you visit.

  • LordTuna

    Install adblockplus (for either chrome or FF) and never see any ads again, anywhere. Surprised there are still people who haven't done this.

  • adblocking programs make it impossible for people like GW to bring us content like this online for free. Auto-running audio and video is bullshit, but I support the sites I frequent by not running adblocking software.

  • LordTuna

    In that case, enjoy the ads! Others can support these sites for me ;)

  • spitzle

    thanks yo. and yeah, the ignorance is strong in me.

  • Leonidas Argidisouvlaki

    Ads are generated by Google based on your online activities...

  • AdvancePlays

    I can't express the disappointment I felt when I saw the throne in TV series.

  • ODwanKenObi

    Now THAT is what i call an Iron throne.

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