Artist Creates 'Realistic Bodied' 19-Year Old Barbie Doll

July 3, 2013


This is the Barbie doll (right) artist Nicholay Lamm created using 3-D imaging and the Center for Disease Control's average measurements for a 19-year old woman in the United States. As you can see, she's not as tall or skinny as the real Barbie. Personally, I think she looks great, plus has a WAY SWEETER ASS. Can I say that? I can say that, right?

Hit the jump for comparison shots from all angles.





Thanks to Lisa, who agrees it's important to have a positive body image and not think you're disgusting like me. WHY GOD, WHY?

  • AlwaysPunchingRobots

    Barbie's built like a runway model; a figure many real women do have. Now I'd like to think that if you were blessed with a round booty, you wouldn't be so flat chested. But what really gets me is the masculine torso & huge feet. Kinda looks more like Ken got a sex change.

  • Fred Tank
  • pinkjessie

    very beautiful toys!Hope you like my website ,onitsuka tiger

  • RDarker


  • Celene Paez

    All I have to say is that THAT is one ugly swimsuit. They both look ridiculous.

  • tesmith47

    well done and a good idea.....for white americans
    oh i forgot black folks are not really americans

  • it was disappointing to say the least, ideals that lead to bullying, eating disorders, self-harm, and even suicide, But of course when YOU look at Barbie, all you see is that she's tall, skinny, and has tits.

  • Charles Whelan

    Yeahhh - junk in the trunkkk

  • Venus

    I think W&W has a very good point! The barbie is just an object.
    Skinny, fat, tall, short. It does not matter, it's how the object is
    perceived by those who interact with it.

    In a vacuum, the barbie
    and its appearance has no more influence than air does! We have an
    obvious battle going on over barbie, her body and what it does to young
    girls. But I believe its not the barbie that causes this trouble.

    like saying money is the root of all evil and causes greed. But the
    dollar bill is just a piece of paper, its the value that we put in it,
    that gives it this power. If it where to vanish, we would find another
    object to perceive as valuable and use in its place.

    The same
    thing goes for barbie, as a society we are using this doll as an object
    to carry our influence in. But if we remove those perception and replace
    them with a new set, then the doll is viewed differently, and the
    influence is different, but we have to realize that the influence is not
    coming from the doll, its coming from other human beings.

    would be a very interesting study! Take two of the same barbie dolls,
    twin sisters, and two different households. Raise each girl with the
    doll in these separate households with drastically different values.
    Say one following a patriarchal perspective and the other following a
    matriarchal perspective. Then observe how the girls play and interact
    with their barbies. Of course we would need a control with a household
    that has a completely neutral perspective. But I think we could learn a
    lot and see if it is this object, the "barbie" that shapes the girls
    view of themselves, or the family's ideals that influence them instead!


  • I think the comments have pretty much spoken. It doesn't matter how she looks. As long as she's 19.

  • pazzerz

    She looks more like a 15 year old who eats a lot of junk food.

  • Guest

    Ok, ALL freaking gender studies aside....

    Doesn't this look photoshopped rather than 3D printed?

    I mean, 3D printers don't do hair, paint jobs & clothes, do they?

    And the bikini is fucked up in the EXACT SAME WAY in the back?

    Just saying.

  • Xillra fe

    No mention in the article of 3D printing, only 3D imagery - which I assume is just a CAD model. It is fake, it's not real.. Obviously this guy is an artist so he tried pretty hard to make it realistic.

  • WACOMalt

    Lol, these comments, they're silly, am I right?

  • 115 Comments and counting? I wouldn't have expected this to be the post that incited a riot around here.

  • WishIwerePenny

    Thank you! I was just wondering how I got teleported to the comments section of... well, more or less anything BUT geekologie.

  • grimbldoo

    You must have come here after Disqus was implemented. Before that, 120 comments was common.

  • ManMan

    I love this. It's a toy, and all the unshaven womyn's studies broads are coming in with their "little girls are too dumb to know that they are toys, so they are bad. But also it doesn't work that way for little boys for no reason". It's hilarious.

  • Guest

    Feminists insist that women and girls are stupid. There is no way around this.

  • JimmyThr

    Well GW is dead somewhere on a ditch

  • Xillra fe

    do you know if this has ever happened before?

  • JimmyThr

    It has, GW is most likely still drunk not realizing it's not 4th of July anymore, all the while he's screaming 'Murica! at foreigners

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