A Superhero Is Born: Pregnant Woman Survives Lightning Strike, Has Emergency C-Section Delivery

July 15, 2013


Heavily pregnant Kendra Villanueva and her boyfriend Ian Gordon were watching a Fourth of July fireworks display when CRIZZITY CRASH!, they were both struck by lightning. You know that movie 'Powder'? Well Powder's mom got struck by lightning while she was pregnant with him and that's how he got all his powers. Me? I had low oxygen during birth that caused brain damage.

Gordon suffered a ruptured ear drum where the lightning either entered or left his body. Villanueva had a bleeding finger where the electricity had left her body. She worried about her unborn child.

"I woke up and I didn't think she was going to make it for sure," Villanueva said. Luckily, first responders in the area were minutes away and got to the couple quickly. Villanueva had to be rushed to the hospital for an emergency C-section. Her baby was born and although doctors aren't sure yet, they think Kimberly Samantha Rose Gordon will be fine.

And she has definitely earned her nickname. "Last name's Gordon, so little Flash Gordon," Gordon told station KRQE.

Awwww, little Flash Gordon. I wonder what kind of superpowers she got. Probably something electrical or elemental. I'm gonna be honest, I'm kinda jealous. So, here's the plan-- "Fly a key on a kite during a lighting storm?" Haha, YEP! Then as soon as I get struck I'll knock my girlfriend up and produce a superbaby that'll be able to support us financially.

Thanks to LupusYonderboy, who purposefully looks for houses built under high-voltage power lines to increase his chances of producing a superbaby.

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