A Glimpse Of The Future: Weaponized Big Dog Robot

July 18, 2013


In holy shit that's terrifying news, his is a conceptual Combat Alpha/Big Dog. And by conceptual I mean there's no way the government doesn't already have a bunch of these. If you don't think we have weaponized Big Dogs running around in the jungles and deserts across this planet you're lying to yourself. I lie to myself about a lot of things (mostly my eating habits), but not when it comes to government conspiracies. Did you know the government puts flouride in the water supply because it makes the brain more susceptible to the power of suggestion? I'm joking, I just made that up. But the chemtrails left behind planes, now those...those are just condensed water vapor. I told you, I don't lie to myself about these things.

Thanks to Russell, who's not looking forward to the day where seeing weaponized Big Dogs marching down the street is a common occurrence. Damn -- you just gave me the shivers, bro.

  • Travis Bickle


  • Leonardo D Monkey

    just need a big black one , to make some satanic beast noises ... soldiers would shit their pants... with machine gun more a grenade or missile launchers ... bad ass.

  • HopeThatsNotClassified

    It's not 'conceptual' - I've seen it first hand! It didn't have the gun on it at the time, and it was in a warehouse/lab, but they do exist. However, as far as I remember it was far more useful for mine detection and bomb disposal when I saw it.

  • da1nonlysage

    "War has changed"

    Had to say it. Can Metal Gear just happen already so the AI can become the self-aware Skynet, and eventually build a Matrix to turn us into batteries?

  • joevsyou

    waiting for my mech

  • Amplifide

    Daleks with legs.. EXTERMINATE!!

  • Guest

    This would be a suitable dog for Tank Girl.

  • Guest

    It would probably make a better "suicide" bomber than a marksman... Gun bobbing around when it moves, recoil knocking it over.

  • Jandkas

    Right, because some guy roleplaying on the internet knows soooo much more than the government, boston dynamics, and practically the best minds of DARPA.

  • Guest

    No just you... and maybe the artist who came up with this design.

  • Closet Nerd

    You couldn't knock one of these things over if you tried

  • Guest

    speaking of conspiracies, did you see the fbi built a deathray and pinned it on the two random guys? FBI gave them parts schematics and money, told them when to have it ready and for who

  • asdfasdf

    also: googled it, you're a month late
    this is more recent though.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    Cocaine is a helluva drug.

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