7-Year Old Sends Letter To NASA Expressing His Desire To Go To Mars, Actually Receives A Response

July 17, 2013


7-year old Dexter wants to go to Mars. So what did he do? BUILT A ROCKETSHIP. Just kidding, he sent a letter to NASA in handwriting that looks like mine telling them he wants to go to Mars, but understands he can't right now because he's 7, and asked what he could do to be an astronaut in the future. And NASA, being the kind-hearted space cadets that they are, wrote him back outlining a number of generic things he could do to help prepare himself, which surprisingly didn't include a MANDATORY trip to Space Camp every year. Because I went to Space Camp when I was a kid, and I felt like I was ready to leave for Mars after the very first day. Or back home, I was just tired of being picked on.

Hit the jump for a copy of NASA's response, as well as some of the pictures and stickers they sent Dexter.






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