$45,000 Conference Table Made From Airplane Engine

July 9, 2013


This is the $45,000 conference table made from a retired 747's General Electrics engine. Only the nacelle of the engine though, so it's not like you could use it to build your own plane if you bought one. WHICH FOR $45,000 YOU SHOULD. Man, could you imagine investing your hard earned money in a company, then finding out later they bought a $45,000 table for the conference room? Because if that happened to me they'd have A SERIOUS F***ING PROBLEM on their hands. Namely, an unannounced guest at the next board meeting swinging a baseball bat. *shattering projector* YOU NO GOOD SONS OF BITCHES TOTALLY ENRON'D ME!

Thanks to Dunc, who holds conferences at a table made from a closet door laying across two folding chairs.

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