One In Ten Admit To Using Smartphone During Sex

July 12, 2013


According to a recent survey of 1,100 adult smartphone owners, nearly one in ten adults admit to using their smartphone during sex, presumably to check Geekologie or play their turn on Words With Friends. Oh yeah, give it to me -- YES, YES, YES! I just played 'BONING' on a triple word score. Other places people aren't afraid to use their phones:

In a movie theater - 35 percent
During a dinner date - 33 percent
At a child's or school function - 32 percent
In church or a place of worship - 19 percent
In the shower - 12 percent

12 percent of respondents who are in a relationship said they believe their smartphone gets in the way of that relationship.

Despite all the warnings not to do so, 55 percent said they use their smartphone while driving.

Twenty-nine percent admitted to snooping on someone else's phone, but it's more common among single people than married people, and more common in people ages 18-to-34 than older people.

If anything, I say all those numbers are low. People just don't want to admit how much they use their cell phones. A self proclaimed good Christian isn't going to admit to using their cell phone in church. God hates cell phones. God likes PRAYER. That's how he likes to communicate (or sends angels snail-mail style). God doesn't even use the internet. You can tell because he hasn't Raptured us all yet.

Thanks to E V I L A R E S, who's so evil he makes speaker-phone calls in the middle of movies.

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