ZERO F***S GIVEN: Guy In Saudi Arabia Texting FROM HOOD OF CAR While Cruising Down Highway At 60MPH

June 7, 2013


Is the car even full?

This is a video from Saudi Arabia of some guy on the hood of a car casually texting while cruising down the highway at speeds around 60MPH. That seems dangerous. It reminds me of that video of the guy laying down on his motorcycle and texting. I just don't get it. Of all the ways to die, in the street with my phone in my hand is not at the top of my list. "What is?" In the arms of my lover, in my sleep. "Awwwww, but what about when she wakes up and freaks out because you're dead?" NOT MY PROBLEM.

Hit the jump for the WTF video.

Thanks to Martin, who is afraid to text even as a passenger in case the driver misses something and he needs to jerk the wheel and scream WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!

  • Guest

    Guy: "Better reception for my Wi-Fi"

  • $6892867

    Hey give him a break. He probably has five wives and can't drink alcohol legally so do you think he really cares if he falls off the car and dies?

  • Girgear

    I bet he misses his magic carpet.

  • hearevil

    At least you know a woman was not driving.

  • Crucial

    Very good.

  • Bruce Tahoe

    Nyah. When it's a deliberate setup gag like that, the funny goes away.

  • Cunt Face!

    On a scale of 1 to Muslim, how fanatic do you think his guy is? Feel free to vote!

  • Idlethoughts

    Crusader... wait, shit.

  • Deksam

    full muslim. they will do what ever they want. and kill you if you don't agree.

  • fsdaasd

    he's training to crash a plane against some building.

  • Them some crazy ass dudes. I don't agree with it, but goddamnit if I don't respect it.

  • Jessica G. Beyers

    even more impressive, this video is from the future. 2014, allegedly.

  • Michael Knight

    it's the new iDrive app. remote control car via iphone, duh

  • Snacktical

    This is crazy to us, but I'm not too surprised. I've personally seen guys texting while driving, at high speeds, at night, with only their marker lights on in the Middle East. They have some pretty horrific wrecks.
    It's the "Inshallah", or "God's Will", mentality: To that guy, his life is in God's hands; and only God will dictates when he dies.

  • zin

    It's not just that, is it? Religious laws are very strict in Saudi Arabia, so they look to enjoy their time any way they can. Not that this is the right way.

    That's not to say they don't break their laws, for example, it's common knowledge that alcohol, among other things, is always being smuggled in due to it being banned, & that a high percentage of them are drinkers.

    Saudis are stereotypically looked down on even by other Arabs. The rich flaunt their wealth excessively, & the kids are always pulling stupid stunts like that. Can't deny that we all wish we were that rich though.

  • jessica_whelan

    The part where he sticks his legs out and just kicks them around...He's obviously having fun with it. Lethally dangerous fun, but whatever man.

  • tea

    Actually you're second now

  • Edwin Salas

    Finally.... about f*^&ing time I was 1st.... now back to my sleep

  • Edwin Salas


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