Weird Video Of Playstation 4's New Socializing Interface

June 28, 2013


This is a video from Sony showing off some of the Playstation 4's new socializing/multitasking interface. It tells the love story of Will, who lives in a shack on a beach somewhere and sits inside playing video games all day, and Sarah, who also plays a lot of video games but occasionally takes a break to go sit alone in a diner drinking sweet tea. It also features their goofy but loveable pal Brian, who chimes in to tell Will to join him playing Killzone, to which Will replies, "Dude, I don't got that man, I gotta go and get it." DUDE, I DON'T GOT THAT MAN. That's pretty much all I took away from this video.

Hit the jump to watch, then sign my petition to have Sony hire me to make less awkward videos.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who makes fun of me for gaming on a Playstation but is really just mad because the fan on his crapped out and I won't play Torchlight II with him on the PC.

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