Trippy Optical Illusion Picture Is Actually A Single Shot

June 21, 2013


This picture looks like four different photos, right? Well it's not, it's actually just one carefully constructed scene created and photographed by artist Bela Borsodi. How about that! I wouldn't have believed it either if there wasn't a shot from a different perspective and a video timelapse of all the objects being placed. But there are, so I'm convinced it's actually real. UNLIKE THE 1969 MOON LANDING. You know how many times I've tried to Freedom of Information Act the truth behind those lies? None, but only because I don't understand the process. I'd love to set up and shoot my own scene like this, but you know what my problem is? Patience: I don't have any. I can barely wait in a fast food drive-thru without ramming the car in front of me.

Hit the jump for a shot from an angle and the timelapse video.


Thanks to Paul C, who tried to tell me life is just one big optical illusion. Soooooo, if I jump off my balcony will I fall up?

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