Touch It After A Long Drive: NES Controller Car Engine

June 13, 2013


Sometimes life hands you lemons, and you can make lemonade. But other times life puts a pillowcase over your head and pummels you with cantaloupes. I hate cantaloupe. Or is it honeydew? My point is the bruises are healing and I'll be back to embarrassing myself later today or tomorrow. This is a NES controller engine painting with BONUS Konami code (not to be confused with THIS engine cover). It's not a functional controller. That is a working engine though. Does it have more horsepower than my car? Yes, but only because my car is a bicycle. You see, what happened was-- "You sold your car for beer money." So I've told this one already.

Thanks to Greg, who has an engine painted like a Sega Genesis controller and you can hear pieces rattling around it just like a real Genesis controller.

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