Touch It After A Long Drive: NES Controller Car Engine

June 13, 2013


Sometimes life hands you lemons, and you can make lemonade. But other times life puts a pillowcase over your head and pummels you with cantaloupes. I hate cantaloupe. Or is it honeydew? My point is the bruises are healing and I'll be back to embarrassing myself later today or tomorrow. This is a NES controller engine painting with BONUS Konami code (not to be confused with THIS engine cover). It's not a functional controller. That is a working engine though. Does it have more horsepower than my car? Yes, but only because my car is a bicycle. You see, what happened was-- "You sold your car for beer money." So I've told this one already.

Thanks to Greg, who has an engine painted like a Sega Genesis controller and you can hear pieces rattling around it just like a real Genesis controller.

  • lauralouise90

    This is pretty cool - now all your need is the tyre trims to look like coins from Mario!

  • I hate to say it but I am not able to make a head or tail of this article I cannot even understand what they are referring to here. If however they are talking about a NES Controller Varsity Jacket, I read it costs about $200 and is a limited edition item.

  • Yes I gh

  • Shawn Bibby

    You know its muskmellon! haha

  • TheCheapGamer

    Here for you bro bro.


    craft cantelope incidneary cannonballs and fire them at life's house

  • If it makes you feel better, instead of being greeted by fans, when I left work for a few days my pen was gone and someone swapped out my chair for the shitty ass broken one that occasionally launches you backward.

    In any case, good to have you back. Tell us who hurt you and I will gladly switch out their chair for this awful piece of shit.(It smells like farts now too)

  • Bobert


  • Closet Nerd

    My bad.... I had tacos for breakfast

  • ODwanKenObi

    Yaay G Dub is alive! Welcome home. Don't leave us again.

  • Isaac King

    Glad your back. We all pitched in to get you this officially licensed comment:

    Dear GW,
    Please come by the Castle. I've baked a cake for you.
    Yours truly--Princess Toadstool.

    Note: Comment does not actually include cake. The cake is a lie.

  • Paulevalence

    mmm, that post was satisfying

  • Closet Nerd

    YAY!!!! He's baaaaaack!
    .....just sayin

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