Tokyoflash Introduces A Functional Breathalizer Watch

June 19, 2013


This is the (currently $99 for a limited time) Intoxicated watch from TokyoFlash. It has a functional breathalyzer built in so you know how crunk you are. The unit reads blood alcohol content in 0.02% increments from 0 to 0.20%. For reference, 0.08% is the typical legal driving limit. The watch's face glows green when you're sober, yellow after blowing between 0.41% - 0.60%, red above that, and would explode if I ever got my lips close to the thing.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a video demo.




  • Le

    Surely you don't need a breathalyser with that sort of watch.
    If you can't tell what time it is, you are drunk. SIMPLE!

  • jessica_whelan

    Oh God. I can't breathe and I think I'm going comatose. Let me just check my breathalyzer watch....Oh, this must just be all the merriment I'm having, I'm still in the yellow zone.

  • At six times the legal limit, you are still in the green zone. #SWAG

  • just1nw

    I feel like if I need to ask my watch if I'm drunk it's a safe bet I'm already wasted

  • Closet Nerd

    Their percentages seem to be a bit off.
    They must of forgot to carry the one, or some mundane detail like that.
    "This is not a mundane detail, Michael!"

  • The product image says 1.21-1.40 is red... A quick google search will tell you scoring in the red on this thing will put you in the top 3 highest recorded BAC levels in history.

    Fuck it... hold my keys. Time to dream big.

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