This Is The Internet: Actress's Heads Exploding In Movies

June 28, 2013


Exploding Actresses is a Tumblr blog that posts animated gifs and videos of actresses in famous movie scenes having their heads explode. It's surprisingly entertaining. My favorites are this Snow White one and the Ghost one, but there's an entire video of Disney Princess after the jump, along with some others. And, since it's Friday, I suggest you stick it to the man for a little and watch them all. Then empty your suitcase into a trashbag, leave the suitcase on your desk so people will still think you're there, and leave work early. "GW, do you even have a job, nobody carries briefcases anymore." I do! "That's a pizza box with a yarn handle." I'm sorry, I didn't hear you, I was busy talking on my cell phone. "That's a juice box." You know what? THE DEAL'S OFF. Have fun explaining this one at the next board meeting, jerk.

Hit the jump for more.




Thanks to VBADWOLF, Bradley, jan, SneakyNinja, GTGL, Laura, Inbetweener and Robert, who are convinced every movie could be a blockbuster if directors would just ramp up the explosions. Romantic comedy? BLOW SOMETHING UP.

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