The End Nears: A Mind-Controlled Quadrocopter

June 7, 2013


This is a video of a mind-controlled quadcopter being piloted through a balloon obstacle course. Impressive, but I'd like to see somebody try to fly it by me while I'm swinging a broom handle.

University of Minnesota biomedical engineering professor Bin He has been working on a brain-computer interface that allows people to steer robots with their thoughts. In the video above, young students manipulate a flying machine right, left, up, and down using only their minds (e.g. think about making a fist with your right hand to make it turn right).

I'm just going to say it: anybody who had the opportunity to fly that thing and didn't think 'crash and burn' is an enemy to humanity. Strong words, I know, but I have strong feelings. Imagine the first time you fell in love. My feelings are like that, but not misplaced on some girl who's gonna leave you for your best friend and have like thirty kids with him. I'm projecting.

Hit the jump for the video while I make myself a drink.

Thanks to Jace and Rev Dr Dom, who agree the only thing scientists need to be focusing on making mind-controlled are penises. STAND UP! PLEASE, I'M BEGGING YOU.

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