The 75 Year Evolution Of Superman's Chest Emblem

June 13, 2013


Note: This is nowhere near the whole graphic, just a TASTE. Click HERE to see the whole thing in all its 1000-pixel wide glory.

To celebrate the upcoming movie, this is an infographic created by HalloweenCostumes chronicling the 75 year evolution of Superman's iconic chest emblem. What's your favorite? My favorite is the first one, and I'm not just saying that because I was too lazy to look through the rest of them, but I was. I'm sorry, okay? If I had a dollar for every time I just picked the first thing on a menu because I was too lazy to read the rest I'd have eaten a whole lot less spinach artichoke dip.

Thanks to Elise and Lisa, who heard one time Superman was tearing his clothes off to reveal his Superman suit but accidentally tore it too and had to fight crime all sexy and hairy-chested for the rest of the day.

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