That's Disgusting: $3,800 Coat Made Out Of Chest Hair

June 26, 2013


This is the £2,499 (~$3,800) coat made entirely out of men's chest hair. It contains around a million individual hairs and took over 200-hours to weave. Now pat yourself on the back for not being the person who spent 200 hours of their life weaving men's chest hairs.

The coat was commissioned by milk drink for men, Wing Co., as a protest against the widespread 'manning-down' of British men, typified by clean-shaven chests and emasculating fashion.

Pfft, who cares if a guy wants to shave their chest or wear emasculating clothes. That just makes being a REAL MAN like me even rarer. Just kidding, I totally shave my chest. But only because it grows in patchy plus when I shave it my tits look smaller.

Hit the jump for one more shot of this lady and a dude modeling the thing that looks like the exact kind of dude they were complaining about in the first place.



Thanks to Prince Mess and sasha, who both have slap bracelets made from peeled sunburn skin. I think I'm gonna puke.

  • JJtoob

    I don't know why but I wanted to puke as soon as I saw "chest-hair".

  • Guest

    Coat is to chest hair. Trousers is to...ahem...You get the point folks.

  • flyingmonkey456

    Wouldn't hundreds of men have to shave their chests to even make one of these things? I don't see what they're trying to accomplish.

  • zin

    Not sure if trolling.

    You are clearly not acquainted with shag rugs. Come visit sometime, I'll let you ride my magic carpet.

  • flyingmonkey456

    You realize these are made entirely of chest hair, right? Even if you had chest hair as thick as the actual coat, which, even with something like hypertrichosis, you don't, it would still take at least 10 guys.

  • David A.B.

    Someone's been watching old episodes of THE MAN SHOW's Man-O-Vations

  • Girgear

    You know nothing, Jon Snow.

  • SoderThun

    I don't see why this is so expensive.. that's like 2 Indian guys worth of chest hair.

  • AtomicMug

    I don't know if that's Medow, but the coat looks like Gandolfini.

  • Haha, nice.

  • Forblat

    Because that male model doesn't typify clean-shaven chests and emasculating fashion.

  • flyingmonkey456

    Hey, maybe he's just one of the donors. :P

  • Ollie Williams

    And the girl model looks like a skinny version of Snooki, but with a more oily face. Yucky.

  • Anodos

    2/10 wouldnt bang?

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