Terrifying Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign In London (Aka The Mannequin Head Through The Bathroom Mirror)

June 7, 2013


This is an anti-drunk driving PSA from London that scares unsuspecting bar patrons in the bathroom when a fake bloody mannequin head smashing through the mirror as they wash their hands after taking a piss (I know -- some guys actually do that you filthy monster). The commercial's tagline is, 'What impact could a drink have on your night out?', but none of the guys who witnessed the face-through-the-mirror smashing got to see that, so I'm pretty sure they all left thinking somebody just died in the bathroom. BARKEEP, MY TAB -- I'm kinda in a hurry.

Hit the jump for the video but PROTIP: lower the volume on your speakers first.

Thanks to Linz and Side Effect, who order cabs when they drink. Same, plus a ton of shit I don't need from Amazon when I get home.

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