Street And Railroad Playmat T-Shirts For Parents

June 26, 2013


These are the $22 car and railroad playmat shirts available from Etsy seller bkykid. Your kids can push their little toys around on them while you lay on your stomach and get a free back massage (provided they don't start stabbing you in a kidney with their Hot Wheels). Does anybody else feel like they already invented this? I feel like I invented this years ago but told myself I'd wait till I had kids of my own to bring them to market. I'm not the smartest businessman. Admittedly, these shirts would make a great babysitter while you take a nap in the grass. Well, at least until you wake up and find your kids have left the yard and are crawling down a storm drain to play Ninja Turtles.

Hit the jump for a shot of the railroad shirt.


Thanks to becca, who told me she needs one of these for her son like yesterday.

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