So It's Come To This: Oscar Mayer Bacon Father's Day Gifts

June 6, 2013


Because why not give your dad the gift of high cholesterol, Oscar Mayer has introduced these bacon gift sets just in time for Father's Day this year. Each box comes with one package of bacon and either a money clip ($22), bacon cuff links ($28), or a multi-tool ($25). Fingers crossed when you give it to your dad he responds accordingly. Something like, "Bacon -- how appropriate. Because if I hadn't given your mom the bacon many moons ago you wouldn't even be here to celebrate father's day. Bacon -- get it? That's meat-talk for my penis. Your mother and I had loud, house-rattling sex -- that's how we made you. Sorry the sex talk is coming so late by the way. *looking around* Where's my cake?"

Thanks to David, Side Effect, yogi and Blaner, who opted for buying their dads fast food gift cards instead.

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