Slap E.T. In My Basket And Let's Goooo!: A Flying Bicycle

June 21, 2013


This is the flying bicycle made by a group of three Czech companies working together to demonstrate a proof of concept. The rig weighs 209-pound and consists of a bicycle, a large electric rotor in the front and back, and a smaller one on each side. Unfortunately, the thing isn't capable of lifting an actual human yet, so a dummy got to the take the first test flight. God willing, when it finally cant lift a human, THIS dummy will be taking the first test flight. Come on, I don't even need a helmet and I'll bring my own cape. Back me up, E.T.! "ET...touch peen." Haha, WHAT? Get back in the closet!

Hit the jump for a video of the bike flying around a warehouse and not blasting through the roof like I would have.

Thanks to Encore, richard and Ashlie, who are convinced flying bikes are the wave of the future provided the future has 100,000% more power-line related deaths.

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