Side By Side Comparison Of New XBox And Playstation

June 14, 2013


This is the chart comparing the next generation Microsoft and Sony gaming consoles compiled by DeviantARTist yamamoto114. Which one are you gonna get? I'm gonna get one of each and then film myself smashing them on release day in front of all the people who camped out. Just kidding, I hate those people as much as you do. Probably more. 'Waste not, want not' -- that's what I was taught growing up. Also, 'Never try to mount a horse from the rear.' I was going to be a cowboy. "But?" But now I have a fiberglass ribcage (I'm a slow learner).

Thanks to Christian, who agrees the best system to buy is neither and to just ask for one as a birthday present from your richest relative.

  • Dijon

    Come on people, it's obvious ps4 is better. The pros definitely pass the cons.

  • Laurent Maulin

    Well i'll stick to my lovely Playstation. Yeh Sony is much more independent when it comes to alliance, you are right Proteon. Even the Playstation camera looks better does'nt it?
    ipad mini 2

  • Abhishek

    can ny 1 suggest me what shuld i buy ps4 or xbox live..... if so y???

  • jaunkst

    More like Xbox dOne

  • NutSpark

    But which system will get Peggle 2?

  • karasuKumo

    I loved how much focus was put on Titanfall during Microsoft's presentation making us assume it was an Xbox One exclusive despite the fact it is on PC as well. On top of that, during most of the new Halo game trailer we didn't even know it was Halo! It amazes me that they are surprised that they've been defeated so early on.

  • Xithryl

    Surprised me too how so much focus was put on FFXV and KH3 making people assume they were PS4 exclusive despite coming out on the Xbox One as well...

  • Mighty Molecule

    in all fairness of marketing, FF had always been pretty much a sony staple. it was only until nearly the end of this generation that cross platform availability was made and the 2-3 disc hilarity ensued with microsoft's console.

    at least with the One the blu-ray capacity should nullify that, though now the discrepancies in gpu performance will be noticeable by the second wave of third-party games (i.e. fallout 4, half life 3) and definitively with exclusives.

  • DV8_Killer

    chart also fails to note that you can still play online with the ps4 without playstation+ where as with the xbox one you REQUIRE xbox live just to play online. playstation+ is a service, xbox live is a tax

  • Rik Rahman

    Actually they've changed that policy. You need PS+ to play online now.

  • Mighty Molecule

    not much word on the infrastructure of psn as well. or if any changes will be made for those making the tranisition from 3 to 4. microsoft has merit in their upgrade of servers as well as dedicated hosting via cloud. this is perhaps the only sliver of good news that came out of a conference that basically was a wall listing restrictions and gaming fundamentals that were suddenly turned into features (i.e. play with family, seriously?).

    psn was a terrible, shaky service when it came to multiplayer. look how long it took v/VoIP to be instated. but you got what you paid for.
    any word on servers, tech, or hosting on the psn? i'd pay double for improvements. they're going to need it with the mass of gamers that will be migrating this Fall.

  • Dark Chib

    To be frank, proper gamers use a PC. I'm running a system that's still better in performance than these new consoles and my gear is 2 years old.
    Critics of the format design should give Steam Big Screen a try, make a PC and give it a console crappy input controller if need be :D

  • "Proper gamers" (whatever that is) just enjoy games and don't need to try to make other people feel inferior for liking something different. I'm a PC gamer, and the part you're leaving out about Steam is that if your internet suddenly goes out, your games are as useless as they'd be on an XboxOne because of Steam's (purposely) faulty offline mode. Lose access to 50+ games you paid for for 6 months like I did and you'll stop singing Steam's praises very quickly :).

  • zoopisnotsmart

    They fixed the offline mode a while ago now. I'm sorry you lost access to your games for 6 months but I have internet that sometimes shuts off for weeks at a time and since about a year ago I've been able to play my 300+ steam games fine.

  • Tomate Diseño

    I've been playing videogames since I was twelve - thirty years ago and utterly despise PC gaming. It's a sad lonely experience, the people you play with and against online continually obnoxious and obsessed with how self-righteous they are over something that they bought in a shop. To be frank too, I'd rather never play a videogame again than endure sharing a hobby with people as tiringly boresome as PC gamers.

  • Dark Chib

    Well I feel sorry for you then, I've gamed socially with friends in my home, town and at events. I was multi playing games like Doom, Quake and Q&Q before this concept was even introduced to consoles.

  • Guest

    Thats ok, proper gamers use PC's. Keep on with those consoles that just match my current PC system for performance ;)

  • Tomate Diseño

    I hope you only listen to live Classical music. That's the only proper music there is, anything else is inferior - those so called "musicians" with drums, bass and guitar just can't match a classically trained flautist for performance.

  • Zoop

    Enjoy your circle jerk with Dark Chib. They rest of us real gamers understand that multi-platform give us a larger selection of games.

  • zoopisnotsmart

    You are a hack, you are a waste of space.

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