Pangea Supercontinent w/ Current National Borders

June 4, 2013


Note: Larger version HERE in case you want to know where the Galapagos Islands used to be. SPOILER: No clue.

This is the Pangea supercontinent imagined with current national borders. Was anybody else surprised to see that the US used to be neighbors with Canada and Mexico? Blows my mind. Of course the fact that people actually believe that all the continents used to fit together like a giant jigsaw puzzle blows my mind too. Like, hundreds of years from now that's going to sound as ridiculous as still believing the earth is round. It isn't round though, is it? "It's shaped like a turtle." Just any old turtle? "Michelangelo." Congratulations, that was a test and you passed.

Thanks to Brad C, who once got so angry at a tropical island that he kept kicking sand off the beach into the water until the whole thing disappeared.

  • Klara Binon

    Maybe pangea wasn't the whole story, maybe at the other side there was land too. Just for balance. And that got sucked up in the inner core again.

    And only the galapagos remain.

  • Hmm... Canada looks weird this way. Is this just drawn direct from current maps and stuck together without review of sea levels at that time?

  • Jeroen Verschakelen

    Ah, Tibet. No China to be seen anywhere near. Those were the days, eh?

  • Filiep Bruynooghe

    And not to have to clamber up Himalayas either. No shipping nor planes needed. One could walk all over the place and imagin living on a whale. Waw... Mama, forget about my boots and socks now, I'm off, to Tibet. xxx

  • Nore Bonomis

    Except the earth is actually growing, Pangea theory is going the way of flat-earth theory and the Geocentric model. Check out this vid:

  • sjokolademelk

    But where was all the water at this time?
    If all the oceans was clouds then earth would have been pretty damn covered with massive clouds blocking sunlight.

  • Brant_Alan

    I find this so much more logical than having the Earth originally one big island on one side, and then the entire other side of it be water.
    Considering planets naturally shape spheres suggesting (without water) that the earth formed in a more teardrop shape seems less likely than the Earth expanding and having it's surface split apart like it did.
    Whatever there is only one way to prove ANYTHING in history. And that is time travel which doesn't exist so therefore trying to figure out this, or what dinosaurs looked like, or if Biblical stories really happened is an immense waste of time.

  • Rick Thomas

    its called geology and carbon dating.

  • Brant_Alan

    What are you suggesting exactly is called geology and carbon dating?
    You just listed two different things without actually saying anything. If you mean, that "the shape of our planet" is 'geology' and therefore it can only be what they know now as apposed to another theory, then "the earth is flat" was also geology. In regards to 'what dinosaurs looked like'. Maybe "geology" could be used to determine some traits such as if the area is dry or in the ocean. Possibly, still the 'study of the earth' doesn't really prove anything and is speculative. And with biblical stories really happening that lies completely irrelevant and I'm not going there.
    In regards to you suggesting that it's "called carbon dating" the process in determining how old something is. I'd love to see where I suggested something's age. Completely irrelevant and offers no evidence to the contrary of my statements.

    Can I add I find your comment to be uneducated and lacking any credibility. Lacked any form of good debate.

  • Rick Thomas

    not even going to bother to read your rant. Creationism and the "growing earth" bullshit is from the same Discovery Institute. Its not based on science. If you don't even know the scientific method and how geologists understand plate tectonics, then this discussion is a waste of time.

  • Brant_Alan

    Then don't reply. You're a waste. You'd know then I was talking about something completely different if you had.

  • Rick Thomas

    creationist bullshit

  • Nore Bonomis

    I don't understand your suggested link to creationism, explain?

  • MagikGimp

    Nice to see we Brits have always been the centre (yes, centre) of the world.

  • Bryan Kral

    Pretty sure that's Italy....

  • MagikGimp

    Good grief, I wasn't measuring it. I was being overtly patriotic; it's what we do best. Too many nerds on this geek website...

  • Kassian Tyler

    hang on a second, that looks familiar: http://images3.wikia.nocook...

  • All of them Katie

    0.0 My. God.

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