Pac-Man As A First Person Shooter (Is Kind Of Scary)

June 26, 2013


Ever wanted to play Pac-Man in the style of a first person shooter? Well tear your shirt off and start waving it around like you're at a Kid Rock concert, because this is your lucky day. 'FPS-Man' was created by game designer Tom Davies and available for free play over at Kongregate. It has creepy music, a map to show you were the remaining pellets and power pellets are, and...that's about it. I just played for ten minutes while I had a client on hold, during which time I actually forgot I had him on hold, then picked up the phone and tried to order a pizza from him.

Thanks to Ed and FrozenCookieDough (OMG, love your stuff), who want to play Donkey Kong as a first person shooter.

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