OMG, HE NEEDS THAT: Solar System Hat For Your Cat

June 25, 2013


This is the Cats Are Center of the Universe/ Solar System Cat Fascinator/ Planetary Kitty Hat from Etsy seller NotsoKittyShop. It's a little model solar system your cat can wear on its head, and, God willing, try to paw at and keep slapping itself in the face.

This cat fascinator is a model of our solar system with nine planets [GW's note: heck yeah, Pluto!] attached to the "sun" (cat hat base). This fascinator is for the extremely patient kitty like Notso Fluffy--- he will tolerate anything being put on his head and is still for the process. This hat is not meant to be left on kitty's head for action sequences or for periods of time over a few minutes.

Planets are made from styrofoam, painted with acrylic paint and finished with a touch of glitter. They attach to the base using wire which is implanted into more styrofoam to protect kitty's head. It is lined with some groovy felt! The cat hat balances well on the back of kitty's head; using the elastic helps to keep it all in place for short periods of time.

Admittedly, that is a GOOD LOOKING HAT. I kind of want one too so my cat and I can match. I might have to make my own though because I have a hard time controlling my online shopping. The last time I went to buy something online I was trashed and woke up to waaaaay too many winning bids on eBay. That was this morning. I thought computers were supposed to be smart and prevent me from doing shit like that. Great, now it's downloading p0rn. How do I make it stop? Just kidding, how do I make it look like I want it to stop but really just keep downloading in the background?

Hit the jump for one more shot.


Thanks to lilco, who informed me this is probably not what Dr. Seuss had in mind.

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