Oh Hai!: Giant Snake Can Turn On Lights, Open Doors

June 20, 2013


This is a video from Germany of Julius the albino Burmese python opening a door. Some of you may be disturbed by that, but I used to be a snake charmer at the circus so snakes don't bother me. The bearded lady, yes (she used to sneak into my trailer at night and try to crawl in bed with me).

Bored of being in a dark room, she flips on the light, opens the door and bails. This particular episode takes place at 1am. This is why we keep doors locked with her around. We don't need her harassing the neighbors.

I dunno, if you have to keep your giant snake in a hall closet, maybe owning a giant snake isn't for you. That's like buying a fish and not having anything to keep it in but a pitcher full of Kool-Aid. It isn't right, I don't care how much fish love Kool-Aid.

Hit the jump for a short video of the door opening, and a longer one of the snake trying to open the locked exterior door to go eat neighborhood cats.

Thanks to carey, who keeps a crocodile in the bathtub and is terrified to shower.

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