Nice Production Value: Zelda 'Link's Shadow' Video Short

June 4, 2013


This is 'Link's Shadow', a video short featuring Link battling his shadow-self in the woods. WHO WILL WIN? Honestly, I was half hoping a Goron would show up and smash them both with a boulder.

Three hunters in a forest discover that they have trapped a demon - Dark Link! An epic battle ensues as they try to prevent the murderous demon from reaching their village. The elder clansman gathers his mana and casts a beacon in to the sky, hoping to summon Link to save them.

Man, I wish I could summon Link. I'd be all, 'Listen bro -- go cut the tall grass and break some pots and BRING ME THOSE RUPEES.' You think he'd go for that? What if I told him I have a naked picture of Zelda to trade? "He might get angry." I'll keep it on my wallet.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Global, who battles his shadow every day, but not flying around his bedroom Peter Pan style. This is like with guns.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    Link is left-handed, damn it.

    also keep your GRIMDARK RRRRTOUGH violence out of Zelda. Because Zelda is not that.

  • Zoe Burt

    It was awesome until Blondy showed up...

  • CheriDunston

    Quit nit-picking, it was awesome!

  • n11

    I don't know if the death scene was supposed to be funny or not, but it was!
    Not bad overall, tone was a little bit all over the place with the gruesome cuts and slashes.

  • Isaac King

    Careful, Nintendo may want a cut of this video's ad revenue (that seems to be their new thing).

  • BZ Douglas

    -50 for the blonde emo wig.

  • Chip Douglas

    Great cinematography. Credit to the DP. Excellent CGI as well. Weakest part of all of it: Costume department should be embarrassed by Link's wig. Either cast a natural blond or get it right. Everything else felt spot on.

  • Adam

    Agreed. Also, Link is right-handed in this, which is a big deal for fans.
    We want our Link's left-handed!

  • vadersapp

    Great fan-made video or greatest fan-made video?

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