My Shirts Demand It: Another Superhydrophobic Spray That Prevents Anything From Sticking To It

June 25, 2013


This is a video demonstration of Rust-Oleum's NeverWet, a superhydrophobic spray coating that creates a waterproof layer, causing almost all liquids to bead up and roll right off it. Does it work for mustard, gravy and fudge syrup? You bet your disgusting sundae it does! The video really is worth a watch, then I want one of you to score a can of this stuff and come spray my throat. I'll never choke again! "You'll die." Not from choking I won't.

Hit the jump for the video with BONUS iPhone waterproofing tutorial at the end. Plus making a beer cooler out of a cardboard box.

Thanks to CR, who agrees everything should be sprayed with this stuff, especially toilet seats.

  • Crucial

    If I spray myself and jump in the pool... Do I just go through?

  • LittleBigFace
  • moban

    but this video is from my hometown, so its better.

  • Brian

    Some people say that I'm superhomophobic...or, wait...

  • AtomicMug

    Please spray this on the toilets at the airport. Thank you.

  • $45593800

    i know a certain spot that if i sprayed it there, i would never have to wipe my ass again.

  • Amplifide

    What a waste of perfectly good syrup..

  • interitus

    Are you a wizard?

  • Josh Golding

    how would you wash a shirt that was sprayed with it?

  • 4C48E0

    wait a almost had me

  • Void your phone warranty in 2 easy steps!

  • tedsmitts

    "I know, let's have out most nervous chemist deliver the pitch."

  • Finally I can use my dainty paper parasol as real umbrella!

  • Or wet the bed in total comfort! The possibilities are endless!

  • Calimar

    Can I...can I spray it on myself so I can go swimming and I won't have to dry off after?

  • i cum believe it!

  • I was going to say there's gotta be some potential birth control tie in here, right?


    mustard tit close-ups!

  • Prometheus

    Or you could just buy a cooler for your beer. Just saying

  • catallergy

    Or the manufacturer of the beer could spray it on the inside of every case of beer they make. Voila. Beer that comes with a free cooler.

    Assuming of course it is non toxic.

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