Make It A Movie: Disney Princesses As Sexy Warriors

June 19, 2013


This is a series of Disney princesses reimagined as scantily armored warriors by artist Mike Roshuk. Why all the bare midriffs? Because they're so badass they don't NEED armor there. Somebody shoots an arrow at you? Deflect it with a blade. Don't have a blade? FLEX THOSE ABS.

Hit the jump for individual shots of Ariel, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Snow White and Jasmine.






Thanks to Kerssica, who expressed an interest in becoming Ariel but refuses to make a deal with an evil sea witch.

  • Ithyria

    The lighting is all over the place on the armor pieces and doesn't line up with the lighting on the actual models.

  • thatoneguy

    It would be very sexy if they were wearing accurate armor. You know, armor that actual covers up and protects their bodies?!?!
    A woman doesn't need to have perfect hair, makeup and chests and boobs out. Just look at the new Tomb Raider game. Laura is caked in mud, dirt and blood. And she is wearing a reasonable outfit while kicking ass. That, my friends, is sexy.

  • Kathryn (@frontovichka)

    What the actual fuck?

  • Closet Nerd

    Where is that sound coming from?!

  • Jennifer D. Atkinson

    Boring, overdone and trite. As a woman who is also a soldier, this is just silly and shows exactly how little you value women warriors. I'd have been MUCH more impressed with more "correct" armor.

  • They're going to catch their death of cold in those.

  • Good gods, this is awful. Yet again, women are shown to be unable to be warriors and wear clothing at the same time.

  • It gets awfully hot in armour, you know.

  • Sure. So let's see some men wear bikini armor. No? Men can handle the heat more than frail, fainting women? Bye now.

  • catallergy

    ever seen the movie 300?

  • Peter

    Conan the Barbarian, all the guys in 300, Superman wears tights, The Rock in Scorpion King, Tarzan, etc... Guys wearing bikini's not so much but they do come scantily clad just the same.

  • Kathryn (@frontovichka)

    Superman isn't human. Tarzan could not make armour unless he somehow learned leather crafting (at least). All 300 Spartans were killed. Conan is a male power fantasy (and has been known to wear armour) but also an unparalleled swordsman. The Scorpion King? Well, doesn't he kinda turn into a big angry scorpion dude?

  • A) 'Twas a joke.
    B) I say "yes please". More men in 'bikini armour' (Conan is not enough).

  • Nerdee

    To the ones going on about this is sleazy, this is stupid, ect. GUESS what? welcome to the internet! This is art, too photoshopped for my liking but still art in it's own manner. AND to the ones saying cover them more, have you seen some of the fantasy video games, movies, shows out there? A lot of the characters that are female warriors don't wear much. damn one of the more known female warriors is Xena and in tha show she wore a lot of revealing things. -.- how about stfu and gtfo if you are here to bitch about the way they are dressed, this is the artists view not yours. I will tell you if real he would sell a shit ton.

  • James Daget

    i would prefer it if they were crouchless >:D

  • Anodos

    Standing at all times, allllriiiigt!

  • Do you mean crotchless?

  • James Daget

    Yes lol

  • Luneth

    Mulan is already a sexy warrior and she isn't even sexualised :/

  • STX1138

    OH THANK YOU who would be agent 23 ~STX1138

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