LEGO To Produce A Mars Rover Curiosity Playset

June 17, 2013


After receiving enough votes on their Cuuso website, LEGO has announced the production of a Mars Rover Curiosity playset. And I will buy it. The set was designed by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory mechanical engineer Stephen Pakbaz, so obviously it's gonna legit. Plus my bedsheets are red so I can push it around playing alien hunter before my mom peeks her head in the door and tells me it's time to turn off the lights and go to sleep. Then I'm going to read comic books under the covers with a flashlight. "Comic books or nudie magazines?" Tehehe!

Thanks to Taylor, who informed me LEGO blocks in bed is a dangerous game.


    great, this will cost more then the real rover. Dang legos..why do you rip us off

  • Nicolo' Brentan

    This sort of writing is not at all what I come here for... no offence really, no one thinks it would be easy to write like the GW. But whats happening? Is this permanent?

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