Learning By Looking: The Highest Grossing Movie Franchises Of All Time

June 28, 2013


Note: Larger version HERE in case you don't like squinting. Me? I love squinting because it makes my brain hurt.

The folks over at BuzzFeed have made this beautiful chart showing the 32 highest grossing movie franchises of all time (links to their article with some more info about each franchise). And yes, Twilight made the list. There were no p0rn titles though, which I found hard to believe considering some of those movies have dozens of sequels (i.e. Tig Ol' Bitties 37). I guess people just don't watch as much p0rn as I imagined. It's like my whole world is crashing down around me and I'm the only one at work with a copy of Co-Ed Sex Camp in the disc drive.

Thanks to Sam the Slammer, who tried to tell me he was a professional wrestler despite the fact he's never had a WWF Wrestling Buddy toy made with his likeness.

  • Tim Marshall

    In terms of the box office, since some of the franchises listed here started more than 40 years ago, it would be interesting to see how the list would be if it was adjusted for inflation. Basing this solely on actual box office, the newer releases have a distinct advantage.

  • VelvetRingpiece

    Prometheus in the Alien series?

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  • Mister Cerberus

    Counting the Batman movies together doesn't really work. The 80s-90s series is entirely unrelated to the 00s-10s series. And if we're doing that we'd have to count Mask of the Phantasm as well.

    Also I love how you can tell which Marvel movies are Iron Man or the Avengers just by the size of the blocks.

  • Now, I want you all to be very quiet with this information, but... based on the top 3.. I think it would be a safe bet to try to sell a movie script about a space wizard who fucks all the bitches.

  • ster

    I guess no Avatar made so much money they couldn't list it...

  • Tim Marshall

    Avatar isn't a franchise yet. Wait until 2 and 3 are released. I'm sure it will sit somewhere toward the top of this list.

  • Fercho

    Not sure. I guess the criteria here is that must be an entire saga (3 or more movies), not only single movies. ¿Isn't it?

  • Also, it's pretty amazing that all four lethal weapon movies adjusted for inflation still made less than three awful Narnia movies that no on will admit to seeing.

  • What is that tiny sliver before LOTR? Was that the animated hobbit movie from the 70's?

  • Fercho

    I guess it should be the one you mention. This: http://www.imdb.com/title/t...

  • Fercho

    There's no way not loving Star Wars. (You know, it is an expression. There actually is (Jar Jar Binks and such)).

  • Zachariah Cruse

    I'm just wondering if the Xmen and Spiderman movies count towards the Marvel category as well...

  • bltali

    Seems a bit unfair to have Marvel cinematic Universe as it's own category when Iron Man has his own trilogy already.

  • Tim Marshall

    Why the concern over Iron Man? There are 4 Spider-man films, 5 X-Men films, and 3 Blade films. If anything, I think all those films should be rolled up into Marvel. I added up the box office for all the Marvel films from the first Blade in 1998 up to Iron Man 3 this year and it's well over $10 Billion.

  • archer923

    Then you'd have count other Marvel movies too. Like Howard The Duck.

  • Tim Marshall

    I have no problem with that, but I was thinking the modern Marvel period would be a good cutoff because it started with Blade. I think we could also pool all the DC stuff together, too.

  • Andrew


  • IngusMW

    nice graphical representation. you can really see how poorly Star Wars prequel did compare to the original. :D

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    And that is all that's important :)

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