Latte Printer Prints Your Face In The Foam Of Your Coffee

June 24, 2013


*cue somebody using a picture of Jesus then trying to sell the drink on eBay*

Taiwan coffee chain Lets Cafe has introduced a printer in its stores that allows patrons to upload a photo and have it recreated in the foam of their drinks using colored cocoa powder. The company hopes the gimmick will help draw business away from some of the more popular chains like Starbucks, and was probably a poor investment. You want to steal customers away from another business? Spread rumors their coffee beans are 65% rat shit and they let homeless people pee on the toilet seats in their bathrooms. Trust me, I have a MBA.

Hit the jump for a video about the service, then somebody go upload a nude.

Thanks to dhiram, who heard seeing faces in your coffee is bad luck and I believe him.

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