K.I.T.T., The A-Team Van, General Lee, And Ecto-1: Cars From Classic 80's Shows And Movies Recreated In LEGO

June 6, 2013


This is a gallery of classic vehicles from 80's pop culture constructed in LEGO form by LEGOmaniac and Bricks Brother contributor Ralph. Obviously this is the A-Team van here, but there's K.I.T.T., Ecto-1 and the General Lee after the jump. I thought Daisy Duke's knockers were a nice touch. Really helped add some realism to the scene. The boobs on the woman I just drew on this Starbucks napkin? Not very realistic at all. "They're bigger than she is!" I know. "And you forgot to give her arms." No, they're just behind her boobs. "And her legs?" Those too.

Hit the jump for the other three.




Thanks to chichi, who agrees if there's something strange in your neighborhood it's better to call the cops before the Ghostbusters because chances are it's probably just somebody on drugs and they are NOT equipped to deal with that.

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