Impressive Handmade Adventure Time Beemo Teapot

June 4, 2013


This is the $150 ceramic BMO teapot lovingly crafted by Etsy seller Jade Flower. He looks GOOD. Good enough to eat. Jk, only good enough to drink out of. Can you remember the last time you did the 'I'm a Little Teapot' song? I've done it within the week. "You're weird." FOR MY NIECES AND NEPHEWS. "You're a good uncle." I'm a GREAT uncle. I'd make a terrible dad though which is why I always tie my penis in a knot before getting intimate. Imagine the sexiest pretzel you've ever seen. Then forget that and imagine the second sexiest balloon animal.

Hit the jump for shots from all angles.





Thanks to Rissa, who still hosts tea parties for her stuffed animals but never invites me anymore because Mr. Bear complained about my manners.

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