Impressive Adventure Time Themed Kid's Bedroom

June 21, 2013


This is the Adventure Time themed bedroom created by Shelbi of MightyOaksLittleAcorns for two of her three sons. I'm not sure what the other one got, but it sounds like the shaft. Whenever I'm watching Adventure Time I always forget it's made for kids too and not just adults with child minds like mine. It really speaks to me, you know? Like my cat when I get really, really high.

Hit the jump for shots of the room from all angles.






Thanks to my buddy Terry, who taught me everything I know about homies helping homies, which is next to nothing because he's never done shit for me.

  • Kelsi Marie Eckenrode

    how did she do that and where did she get and how much was it?

  • Guest

    Ricardio will give me nightmares. uggghh.

  • Brandon

    After realizing those are decals and were not painted by the parents I'm not as impressed.

  • Scott "KaiserNeko" Frerichs

    I would sleep in this room.


  • Anon the Mouse

    One kids gets a macbookPro and the other gets.... an abacus? ,_, I think we can all see who is the favorite in this family.

  • Oh man bro, you gotta see this you tube video! I'll send the link to your abacus!

  • Tristan

    Lemongrab is watching you sleep!

  • Matthew Fleury

    things that pissed me off 1, mac book pro 2, 2 ipads 3, thats not my room

  • Guest

    First xD

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