Iffy Light-Up Lightsaber Sunglasses From Hot Topic

June 20, 2013


Because in the not-so-distant future everything will be available with a Star Wars theme, here are a pair of lightsaber inspired sunglasses available from Hot Topic. They look vaguely like the hilt and blade of a red lightsaber. Let me stress vaguely. They do light up and glow red though. Personally, I still purchase my sunglasses the way nature intended: at gas stations from the little display next to the register. See? "I'm pretty sure those are women's glasses." They're unisex. "They say 'Princess' on the side in rhinestones." THAT'S JUST THE BRAND.

Thanks to lilco, who agrees the best sunglasses aren't glasses at all, just squinting.

  • Jermain Palmen

    OK, why is it still so hard for people to get the colours right on those things?
    Vader = Red,
    Luke IV and V = Blue
    Luke VI = Green
    Obi-wan = Blue
    Maul = Red

    I mean, come on people, if you're gonna be 'inspired by' something, at least do =some= research...

  • Fercho Salinas

    Mace Windu = Purple.

  • Luneth

    Damn straight. The hilt is wrong for the colour.

  • Silly Moo

    Don't read the text any more.... WHERE IS OUR GW!

  • Jill

    Bought them for my son online and they worked fine. He loves them!

  • John_Drake

    When I was younger I used to love Star Wars. Now anything to do with that license-whoring franchise just makes me want to vomit. Still waiting on Jar-Jar birth control pills...

  • If you order them online, and have them shipped, they don't light up. Or at least that is my experience. :-)

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