I'd Live There: LEGO Releasing $250 Ewok Village Playset

June 3, 2013


Note: Larger shot HERE because I care about your eyes.

So LEGO has announced the release of this $250 Ewok Village playset in September. The kit will contain 1,990 pieces and a number of rare Star Wars minifigs including 'Endor Princess Leia, Endor C-3PO, Endor Luke, Endor Han Solo' and a handful of Ewoks. Also, I don't care what you might think as an adult, when you were a kid Ewoks were cool. Just because now you realize they were nothing but a giant merchandising cash grab by George 'Money Over Honor' Lucas doesn't mean they weren't awesome when you were growing up. It's like building a pillow fort -- when you're a kid, it seems great, but when you're an ADULT, well, it seems even better. That was a bad example.

Hit the jump for a shot of the stormtrooper on a speeder bike and the rest of the minifigs included in the set.




Thanks to Joshua, who's always wanted to live in a real-life Ewok village. JOIN THE CLUB.

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