I Want Out: Japanese Lady Privates Shaped Bread Treats

June 14, 2013


March 13, 2013?! That vagina bread is BAD.

Note: Possibly NSFW unbagged shots HERE and HERE.

This is Japanese 'cherry blossom bread'. It's endorsed by virtual pop star Hatsune Miku and UNINTENTIONALLY looks like a ring of lady privates. Or at least that's what I was told, that's not my area of expertise. I can spot a penis from a mile away though. Two on a clear day and THREE if it's anything like mine. Jk jk, seeing mine is like trying to spot a road sign driving through heavy fog.

Thanks to joe, who's sticking to donuts.

  • drwoody2006

    10/10 would try to fuck

  • ben

    bunch of cunts

  • Bobert

    Now thats the kind of food i'm gonna find a hair in.

  • Jonny Campbell

    There is no way in hell whoever made these didn't realise that looked like vaginas. Unless of course it was the virgin baker...

  • Guest

    I think it was supposed to be a cherry blossom flower shape. It might of been better to consider a cinnamon-bun swirl than the horseshoe fold for each pedal.

  • tedsmitts

    Just gonna leave this here http://gallery.goheh.com/d/...

  • Anodos

    In other news, Americans have lollipops that look like dicks! Theres a cake shop that sells cakes that look like ASSES and TITTIES! What the fuck is wrong with...humans.

  • EllisJ16 .

    GW needs to get his sh*t together. I hate it when he posts irrelevant stuff like this. I would understand this post if the bread was marketed as actual bread vaginas, but just because it resembles them. Might as well post about how bananas look like dildos.

  • Thomas B

    That's not Hatsune Miku, it's barely a generic knock-off, only the hair is similiar.

  • Karyn Bijleveld

    There is a big Penis festival in China. If they looked like titties you d prolly be all over them. If they were dicks you'd just think they were for bachelorette parties. Maybe you just dont like girls at all? i dunno. Its a different culture. Its a little shocking but its not wrong. Perhaps you are just repressed. Easily offended by a lil pussy.

  • Mister Cerberus

    Okay, this has gone too far, Japanese women. Just start fucking the men already.

  • lmern


  • p_shep

    Ewwww. On it's period, too :(

  • AtomicMug

    Wait, so the DON'T have teeth? i'm gonna kill my lying roommate.

  • Peter Schmidt

    They do, but how gross would that be, eating bread with teeth? They just left them out, that's all.

  • sclori

    The fact that a picture of bread may be considered NSFW says it all, really.... Personally, I think they are hilarious....

  • Ganonmaster

    Giving new meaning to the words "Eating pussy"

  • SaSa-San

    This is bullshit. Japan isn't this fucked up, it's just Cherry Blossom bread it's the people saying it's "Vagina bread" that have no idea what it actually is. Quit making us seem like disgusting freaks when that's only like 2% of our population.

  • SaSa-San

    It's just bread with cherry filling, it's the same as the fruit pies in america just shaped differently. I bet you would all be pissed if we referred to those as "pussy shaped pervert pies". WWWWWWWWW

  • mewmix

    Mmmm Pervert Pies sound awesome

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