I Must Have It: The $1,000 Leather Turtle Foot Stool

June 24, 2013


Look around. Do you already own everything else? Then have I got the foot stool for you! Enter this $999 Turtle Foot Stool from Horchow. It looks like a turtle being crushed underneath a giant leather ottoman.

Let this foot stool inspire you to slow down and put your feet up.

Hey, I am ALL ABOUT slowing down and putting my feet up. As a matter of fact, if I had it my way, my feet would never NOT be up. You know what I want? One of those motorized wheelchairs, except instead of a chair, it has a f***ing hammock. Don't even act like that's not the best idea you've ever heard.

Thanks to PYY, who wants to move to a tropical island and REALLY slow down the pace of life. OMG YOU TOO?!

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