Huh?: Super Mario Scenes Recreated Atop Animal Skulls

June 21, 2013


These are two animal skulls with little clay Super Mario levels recreated on top by artist Tobias Wüstefeld for the We Love 8-Bit art show in Vienna, Austria. Why animal skulls? NO F***ING CLUE. It's art though, so it doesn't have to make sense. Personally, I think the scenes would have been a lot more meaningful if they were built on the backs of turtle shells, but that's just me and I am a true artiste. You think I haven't painted nudes before? I've painted nudes before. Granted not with a live model, but a friend gave me a Playboy to use for reference. *revealing canvas* Be honest, what do you think? "Well it's hard to tell since it's unfinished." But it IS finished. "...It's just a pair of giant, floating boobs." Heck yeah -- suck it, Picasso!

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots from all angles.









Thanks to Billy and yellowsnow, who have both found animal skulls in the woods before but were afraid to touch them because they heard that's how you get rabies. It's not though, just so we're clear.

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