How To: Crochet Your Own Bowser Shell For A Pet Turtle

June 7, 2013


It's ever turtle's dream to be big and tough like Bowser. And now, thanks to this guide from Squirrel Picnic, you can make your own little Bowser shell for your special reptilian friend. Don't have a turtle? Make one anyways and put it on a loaf of bread. Don't have a loaf of bread? THEN HOW WERE YOU GOING TO MAKE ME A SANDWICH FOR LUNCH? You know I don't like English muffins.

Hit the jump for one more shot of Myrtle the turtle magically transformed into King Koopa.


Thanks to Olivia, who crocheted a Boswer shell and put it on the softball she drew a face on. Daaaaaw, can I pet it?

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