Hey I'll Be Back Tomorrow

June 10, 2013


Sometimes life gets in the way of work. I'll be back tomorrow and replace underwater treadmill cat with a bunch of COOL STUFF that will make you go OOH and AAH like you're watching a magic show.

  • jdfincola

    Never posted before but I've checked this site out daily for many years. I never thought a sole person ran this site, always thought it was a team. I really hope all is well.

  • Nathan G

    I've always thought GW meant Geekologie's Writer, so it's very off putting to see it used other places.

  • That IS what GW means. Geekologie Writer. How else is it being used?

  • That guy

    i sense a disturbance in the force

  • TheCheapGamer

    This better not be one of those pretend to be dead and see how much your missed pranks.
    Seriously though, come back :(

  • Ramuran

    Hope you're okay, GW. :c

  • ODwanKenObi

    Ok. Now im starting to worry.

  • StackedDeck

    Hope you're OK man!

  • Bobert


  • rikster81

    GW i hope you ok brobro!

  • Pretty sure he just said 'Fuck You' to us.

  • Dominic

    hey, its tomorrow, hope you're still alive :)

  • durf_burfle

    Something tells me that this (http://geekologie.com/2013/... had something to do with it... come back soon!

  • asdfasdf`

    they're switching writers again. you'll see. this one goes, another comes back...like we won't notice.

  • aoifem10

    Take your time, GW; there's no rush. We love you

  • Zoop

    Hey I'll Be Back Tomorrow translation:

    Shit, ThinkGeek, RocketNews, DudeiWantThat, has nothing I can copy/paste today. Looks like I get the day off!

  • Guest

    Whispers: "hey folks, yell 'welcome back' when GW enters in the door tomorrow"..."and bring beer to the party".

  • Cheese

    Meh... Hadn't even noticed you'd gone...

  • hicker

    Is your...or rather, should I say ours...Are our AIDs acting up again?

  • I was going to make a masturbating all day joke, but if it turns out it's serious I'm not gonna gamble and feel like a superdick. Hope all is well.

  • Ho damn, now I'm REALLY glad I didn't accuse you of a 24 hour masturbation sesh. Unless you are actually in the throws of a 48 hour session. In which case, at least stop for a few minutes to brag about it.

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