Giant Spider Man Bed Cover (+ Bonus Hello Kitty & Dino!)

June 20, 2013


This is the $230 Spider Man bed cover from Incredibeds. It makes a twin bed look like a giant Spider Man. God, I would never leave. I'd stay wrapped up in there like I was caught in a web. See what I did there? Probably not since you're not here at the coffee shop, but what I did was fart loud enough for the people around me to hear so they'll be grossed out and move, freeing up more personal space for me because I don't like people sitting too close because what if they like, sneeze or something? People are disgusting.

Hit the jump for a shot of a kid in Spider Man and BONUS Hello Kitty and dinosaur beds.







Thanks to le beeps, who is clearly French and in my eyes looks like that cat that Pepé Le Pew is always going after.

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