Giant Spider Man Bed Cover (+ Bonus Hello Kitty & Dino!)

June 20, 2013


This is the $230 Spider Man bed cover from Incredibeds. It makes a twin bed look like a giant Spider Man. God, I would never leave. I'd stay wrapped up in there like I was caught in a web. See what I did there? Probably not since you're not here at the coffee shop, but what I did was fart loud enough for the people around me to hear so they'll be grossed out and move, freeing up more personal space for me because I don't like people sitting too close because what if they like, sneeze or something? People are disgusting.

Hit the jump for a shot of a kid in Spider Man and BONUS Hello Kitty and dinosaur beds.







Thanks to le beeps, who is clearly French and in my eyes looks like that cat that Pepé Le Pew is always going after.

  • Sajid DOgar

    These bed covers
    are really cool! You can play with them and even let them hug you to sleep. But you should be careful letting babies sleep here. The arms might cover their face and they will be able to breathe.

  • Synthstatic

    Can't sleep. Kitty will eat me. Can't sleep. Kitty will eat me.

  • Hello Kitty is going to eat that little girl.

  • Silly Moo

    Are we ever going to get our GW back? No offence current fake GW but you're just not funny.... We can get these stories from anywhere, we come here for the unique humor and PROPER DINO WEIRDNESS!!

    Bring back our PEW PEW PEW! (or at least tell us if he's still alive..)

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    This is the third or fourth GW. The second one was Chinese


    don't complain about the writing if you can't write yourself

  • Silly Moo

    *don't can't*

    Try to construct a sentence correctly if you intend to criticise someone.



  • Silly Moo

    Now you're just embarrassing yourself....



    The American spelling is with a "z". So unless you are British, stick to a real dictionary.

  • Silly Moo

    I am British, English actually and I used the ENGLISH spelling.
    This is killing you isn't it, you lost an argument that you created.

    You say "stick to a real dictionary"
    I say "I did, an ENGLISH dictionary"

    Don't forget, The American language is only a "Dialect" of English so technically speaking, mine is the correct spelling in my country and most other English speaking countries for that matter.

    Now stop being a silly little boy and making a fool of yourself even further; go and play outside instead of trying to be a grammar Nazi, it clearly isn't a suitable vocation for you.

    Actually, I am breaking my No1 rule:

    So we will leave it at that then.


    Except nobody gives a shit about England (seriously, you ever see any British links on this site other than them doing dumb shit?). So why don't you just give it up, go eat some fish and chips, jerk off to the queen or watch some SOCCER.

  • Silly Moo


    1: I see plenty of "dumb shit" on this site from all over the world, particularly from America.
    2: I love fish and chips (no insult there)
    3: "jerk off to the Queen" (I'm assuming this is a hobby of yours?)
    4: "watch some football" (no insult there, not my game though)
    5: "nobody gives a shit about England" (Xenophobia maybe?, it is an American trait)

    If you are going to start on the insults and stereotypes, try to be a little more creative; here, I will get you started:

    1: Mention teeth (that's always a favourite)
    2: Mention the war of independence (Excellent option)
    3: Mention WW2 (that's bound to get you noticed)
    4: Use the phrase "Merica Fuck Yeah!" (Instant Kudos)
    5: Use cockney slang guv'nor (because all British people speak like that!)

    That's enough to get you started, I'm sure you will think of some others and will look forward to your response.

    Cor blimey guv'nor are you 'avin a bubble?


    Nobody that is into incest should have their title capitalized. Monarchies are for the weak minded. And thanks for making fun of yourself and saving me the trouble.

  • Silly Moo

    My pleasure, I realised you might struggle hence the suggestions.

    Nothing wrong with a monarchy, its a good business model; it attracts millions of your fellow Americans to London who yearn for our heritage and history, maybe you should watch this:

    There is a big world out there and guess what, lots of monarchies!


    Watch this:

    Andrew St. Andrew.... Three capitals!, it must be fun in your house.....



    Who cares if their are a lot of monarchies in the world. There are a lot of dumb people in the world, too. You're living proof.

  • Silly Moo

    *world too,

    For a Grammar Nazi, you seem to be struggling.

  • Guest


    The American spelling is with a "z" so unless you're British, you should use an American dictionary.

  • Silly Moo

    See above.

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