Gallery Of Impressive Customized Game-Related PS3s

June 20, 2013


This is a gallery of PS3s customized with different video game themes by Javier Riquelme of Jriquelme Mods. They're all impressive, but I particularly liked the Assassin's Creed and Bioshock Infinite ones. I'd honestly give my left nut for one of those. And, since we are being honest, it would actually be my roommate's testicle and I'd just be saying it was mine. Hoho, the classic bait-and-switch!

Hit the jump for a bunch more but be sure to check out Riquelme's Facebook page for a ton more including non-PS3 projects like an all gold Zelda themed N64 complete with custom controller.












Thanks to whoever sent me this whose email I couldn't find again. I'm sorry and I promise it won't happen again, until it happens again, then it's your duty to come end me.

  • nightvisiongoggles1 .

    The most important question:

    Is he related to Larissa Riquelme?

  • ImAzura

    Haha yes I remember this from reddit, Apparently she's like his cousin.

  • nightvisiongoggles1 .

    So that explains the awesome.

  • Guest

    what's the first one? the one that looks like a staple remover? Assassins creed?

  • Xillra fe


  • WhiteEagle2

    The PS3 on Bioshock Infinite one looks pretty beat up. I wonder if these are broken consoles that he is using for a portfolio.

  • boucleinfinie

    The Borderlands one is on.

  • thebman

    pretty clearly intentional...

  • Rik Rahman

    I'm pretty sure it's part of the theme... but you could be right, seeing as most of the other ones were covered completely.

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