Fashion Is Weird: Dress Made Entirely Out Of LEGO To Resemble Dress Made Entirely Out Of Balloons

June 26, 2013


This is the LEGO dress made by designer Rie Hosokai to resemble a similar dress she made entirely out of balloons. Next up? A dress made entirely out of bread clips to resemble the dress made entirely out of LEGO to resemble the dress made entirely out of balloons. That's my guess anyways. Hold onto your tits for this one:

There is fear in that we are all different from one another, but that is also the gateway to self-consciousness.

Self-consciousness was once whole, but in the modern trend where all things whole get broken down,it too is about to get deconstructed.
For that reason, people now seek to reconstruct their consciousness by extending it onto others.
Through this process of extension, we have learned to unravel things down to their basic elements.
We are succeeding at digging up new knowledge of what it is we all share.
This knowledge that bonds different people together seems to appear suddenly,but in reality it is already coded into our planet, our universe.
We construct things from the most basic building blocks.
What are we to discover from this process?
To find the answer, we must continue to turn our gaze toward those around us.

Ahahahahahha, WHAT?! I thought this was just a LEGO dress, I had no idea it held the secrets to the f***ing universe. *builds LEGO underwear, looks into the eye of God* It's all so clear now.

Thanks to ram and Ashley, who want to see someone try to tango in that thing.

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  • Liang Li

    I irlloled at the GW douchebaggery in response to the pretentious art talk... made my day. Though you're being kind of a dick man

  • Frédéric Purenne

    I am wondering how much DEL units of pain she is in on that picture. If I compare to stepping on a Lego brick, she's hiding her pain quite well!

  • Proteon

    I don't want to get all Project Runway on ya GW, but these dresses look the same because they ARE the same dress made from different materials.

  • Liang Li

    At first I thought you were making a joke, about how a we would consider a gold cup and a silver cup the same, and so we should consider "lego" sort of like an element or something. But then I realized you were pointing out that she probably made these two "at the same time" in a figural sense, off of a common model or pattern, and that we are used to thinking of anything made in Lego as representing something else. Ie, a Lego truck is a representation of a truck, but a Lego dress isn't a representation of a dress but rather is a dress. Just thought you'd like to know. IM SO STONED RIGHT NOW.

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