Disney Princesses As Moulin Rouge Style Dancers

June 21, 2013


Disney princesses: we all grew up wanting to be one. By now some of you may have probably abandoned your dreams, but I have not. I would sell my soul to an evil sea witch in a heartbeat to be a mermaid princess and that's just the God's honest truth. I would marry Merman, and we would rule the seven seas together. Well, at least until he finally came out. Hey, no worries Merman -- you deserve the best. Now get out there and grab life by the conch.

Hit the jump for closeups of each plus a BONUS announcer Mickey. Oh, and all these were created by illustrator and graphic designer MADHANZ. I meant to mention that in the article, but you know how these things go.








Thanks to Lizzy, who always dreamed of becoming a bird when she grew up. Yeah, secretly I wanted to be a tank.

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