Disney Princesses As Moulin Rouge Style Dancers

June 21, 2013


Disney princesses: we all grew up wanting to be one. By now some of you may have probably abandoned your dreams, but I have not. I would sell my soul to an evil sea witch in a heartbeat to be a mermaid princess and that's just the God's honest truth. I would marry Merman, and we would rule the seven seas together. Well, at least until he finally came out. Hey, no worries Merman -- you deserve the best. Now get out there and grab life by the conch.

Hit the jump for closeups of each plus a BONUS announcer Mickey. Oh, and all these were created by illustrator and graphic designer MADHANZ. I meant to mention that in the article, but you know how these things go.








Thanks to Lizzy, who always dreamed of becoming a bird when she grew up. Yeah, secretly I wanted to be a tank.

  • josephmatthewcooper

    lol. mickey is a pimp.

  • Fercho

    Another day: Another Disney reference. Thanks. Also, ¿No Esmeralda? She's not blue blood but she's French. Makes sense, uh?

  • Guest

    These are quite lovely, I like the mixture of textures use for these ladies attire.

  • disqusTION

    Jesus, internet artists, we get it—you like to find new ways to sexualize images of teenage Disney characters! Enough already. Go outside and talk to a real woman.

  • Trevour

    Mickey is showing up twice after the jump. No Cinderella.

  • Grindzombie

    Anyone who has been to a college Halloween party has already seen this... Except the Mickey thing- Classy Pimp Mickey is new to me.

  • They sure never run out of ways to re-imagine disney princesses, do they. There must be 20+ posts I've seen just on Geekologie.

    How about Disney Princesses AS real life historical princesses!?!? So META

  • evelmiina

    Actually, they have already been illustrated as historically accurate! http://shoomlah.deviantart.... These are really fine, in my opinion. Not sure if these have been featured in Geekologie?

  • McGarnagle

    These are pretty cute, and the art style is fantastic. Mickey is kind of off-putting, though.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    McGarnagle confirmed for rape apologist or something

  • McGarnagle

    You got me :(

  • Ɓreπ S.

    Fun... I kind of wish Belle had a rose in her hair, rather than that other one. It would be more significant, as it goes with the story...

  • $14019757

    Just what we need, more healthy, empowering images for young girls to aspire to! Oh wait, it's just more sexualisation of children's cartoon characters. There's something new and groundbreaking... *yawn*

  • Tyler AitchKay

    Get a grip, lady.

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