Disabled Duck To Walk Again Thanks to 3-D Printing

June 28, 2013


This is Buttercup the duck. He's a dude though, not a chick. Although I guess all ducks were chicks at one time. "No, they were DUCKLINGS." Damn it all to hell. Anyways, Buttercup was born with a backwards foot that prevented him from walking normally and hurt, and nobody wants to see a lame duck.

Because the foot needs to be flexible, the usual plastics used in 3D printing aren't viable. Instead, NovaCopy printed a mould, which will be used to cast a silicone foot for the lucky duck, creating several iterations of the design to come up with the perfect one. It will be attached to his foot via a silicone sheath.

Heck yeah, he's getting an all new lease on life! I could use one of those myself. I haven't really been paying my life rent lately and my landlord is getting pissed. Isn't that right, God? "You've got till the end of the month to do two good deeds or I'll lightning bolt you." So, uh, any of you want to fake needing help crossing the street?

Hit the jump for a video of Buttercup testing out his new foot.

Thanks to PYY, who wants to know what the name of Butttercup's little teddy bear in the picture is (please be Westley, please be Westley!)

  • nightvisiongoggles1 .

    That's not a duck.

    That's a rabbit with clipped ears. Look at the bill, it looks so plasticky.

  • thegroggy

    I would have just made duck soup and hatched a new, non-crippled duck to keep as a pet but ok.

  • Ry Keener

    That's one lucky ducky!

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