Creepy 'Interactive' Anime Woman Dolls Coming Soon

June 6, 2013


Note: NSFW shot of the doll without the blue ribbon HERE in case you were wondering if this doll was or was not made specifically for giant perverts (it was).

This is a Mirai Suenaga doll (links to NSFW info site), an interactive doll being developed in Japan that was built to respond to all sorts of external stimuli. Plus come to life while you sleep and try to hold your nose and mouth closed.

Packed inside Mirai's 60-centimetre jointed body, designed earlier this year, will be a system of 24 servo motors to move her limbs and body, custom designed to fit inside her tiny joints, as no commercially available servo motors were small enough. It will also include sensors that respond to external stimuli -- touch, ultrasound, sights, sounds and location -- with the custom-designed CPU housed in her head.

I'm not sure how Mirai's touch interactions work, but based on those ridiculous hooters and the kind of person that would buy a doll like this, I probably don't want to. Some things are better left unknown, you know? Like asking your friends how they like to pleasure themselves.

Thanks to Kate V, who's really hoping this is not the future.

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