Count Me In: Impressive Mass Effect EDI Latex Bodysuit

June 27, 2013


This is the Mass Effect EDI latex bodysuit and helmet created by the folks over at Anatomic-Latex. It looks so good it's hard to believe that's an actual woman standing there with no special effects. ZIP ZAP, CANNOT COMPUTE, CANNOT COMPUTE. That was me pretending to be an artificial intelligence system.

Mass Effect EDI latex costume cosplay is made of 0.6-2.0 mm latex. Helmet is made of latex too. All silver designs and texture patterns are ingrained in the latex, meaning it won't wear or rub off. Suit also has glow-in-the-dark / uv reactive pieces(see yellow detail).

Was anybody else disappointed EDI wasn't a romance-able character in Mass Effect 3? She was all about Joker. I romanced Tali'Zorah in Mass Effect 2 after I blew it with Jack, then romanced her again in Mass Effect 3 because I am a FAITHFUL COMPANION. That and EDI wasn't an option. Don't act like you wouldn't bang a computer given the chance. "Dammit GW, she was a robot!" YOLO.

Hit the jump for several more shots.





Thanks to my pal Terry, who didn't even play the Mass Effect series like I told him but is making me play 'Devil May Cry', and it's preventing me from playing 'The Last of Us' right now which is why I have to kill him.

  • Lol you can tell she's a ginger

  • Holy shit, you can.

  • What?

  • McGarnagle

    Costume isn't accurate without a massive camel toe.

  • Closet Nerd

    Looks like Dorothy fucked the Tin Man in Oz
    .....just sayin

  • Tyler AitchKay

    [awaits barrage of social justice nerds who decry a woman embracing her sexiness]

  • Zoop

    [Waited for the faux intellectual douchebag to make his ridiculous hipster comment in a vain attempt to show how deep he is so he can boost his already massive ego to cover up his deep seeded inferiority complex]
    You didn't disappoint.

  • Tyler AitchKay


    Also who needs a massive ego when you have a massive ding-dong?

  • Turbosloth

    Not sure where this goes. My pictures folder or my porn folder :\

  • Tough one. Luckily for me the venn diagram of pictures to porn just looks like one circle.

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